Welcome to Roze Travel

روز للسفر ترحب بكم

Roze Travel is your Premiere Gateway to the Western Cape, South Africa.

As your Western Cape based DMC- Destination Management Company with luxury services. We specialize in a range of areas effectively including: Leisure Travel, Corporate Travel/Team Building activities, Groups/Incentives programs, GSA business opportunities.

In addition to our passion put into daily excursions, semi-private, honeymoon tours and private organized special interest tours and holiday packages around the Mother City as well as transfers in the fleet of luxury air-conditioned vehicles/coaches, in and around Western Cape, South Africa.

We strongly believe that our leading staff and State-of-the art office automation is what gives us the edge amongst the industry. Above all, we strongly believe that customer satisfaction is the key indicator and the measure of our success.

Roze Travel, started in 2016, and unlike the usual norm, proudly announced its way into the market with a giant leap by carefully selecting experts within the travel, tourism & hospitality industry who are dedicated to the vision of providing exquisite Luxury travel experiences providing travelers with the true essence of tourism in the Western Cape & engraving exclusive memorable experiences.

Roze Travel, focuses primarily on commitment, credibility, long-term vision, offering carefully magnified services throughout our chosen suite of cutting-edge products and services, quality attention to details, and staff dedication, to provide the ultimate standards of services in a main effort to fulfill our valuable travelers with even beyond expectations on their Holiday memories, and to maintain a good relationship with our associates and international partners locally & worldwide.

Cape Town, South Africa.
a Truly Beautiful City!